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Week 1 – Service time for your WordPress website

Week 1 – Service time for your WordPress website

Welcome to Spring! Over the coming weeks, we’ll give you weekly tips to help you give your WordPress website a Spring clean. Just like you go to a mechanic when your car needs a service, we recommend you consider us your website mechanic for when your website needs a tune-up.

It’s true, many people DIY their website maintenance. Unless you have a lot of knowledge about how websites work, you may find yourself encountering some issues along the way. For your peace of mind, and to keep your websites motor well-oiled, we suggest you outsource your website maintenance to an expert. If your website is important to your business success, it’s worth the investment.

Why Service Your Website?

Maintaining your website is important as it significantly improves the security and performance of your site. Even websites on the most secure hosting services need to be regularly patched and updated to keep the bad guys out.

Our complete security package will make sure you are always covered. Brugel Creative offer monthly, 6-monthly or ad-hoc maintenance plans (and you get a discount if you use our managed hosting service as well). Further details here.

Our Maintenance Plans

Here are some of the things we’ll do to your website when you sign-up for one of our Maintenance Plans :

  • We run a security audit of your website.
  • A backup of your website is created. This ensures if issues are encountered during the upgrade process we can quickly revert back.
  • Your website is patched and updated. This ensures it remains secure and free of any malicious attacks from hackers and malware.
  • We clean and optimise your website database to ensure tiptop performance.
  • All the images in your website are scanned. We then compress any images that are able to make your site faster for visitors.
  • Recommendations for additional upgrades are made.
  • You are notified of other security breaches that may have been found in the audit.
  • A basic test plan is executed to ensure your site is still working after the upgrades.
  • For those on our monthly plans, if at any time your website is hacked, we restore it for free!
  • Once we have completed all of this, a report is issued outlining all of our findings, and we’ll let you know any recommendations we may find.

Now your website motor should now be purring like a kitten (OK, we’ll try to stop mixing metaphors).

Contact us today if you’d like to schedule your next website service, or if you’d like further information.

Coming up next week

Next week our Spring Clean your Website tip will focus on how to use analytics to discover the gems. We will also help you uncover the “dirt” – those areas that might need some attention. Stay tuned (after this week’s tune-up) for more details.

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