WordPress Website Care


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WordPress Website Care

Once your website has been launched, it’s important to look after it and keep it up to date. Here’s what our WordPress Website Care services we can do for you:

  • We run a security audit of your website, including performance checks
  • A backup of your website is created. This ensures that if any issues are encountered during the upgrade process we can quickly restore your website.
  • Your website is patched and updated. This makes sure it remains secure and free of any attacks from hackers and malware.
  • We clean and optimise your website database to ensure tiptop performance.
  • All the images on your website are scanned. We can then compress images to make your site faster for visitors.
  • You are notified of other security breaches that may have been found in the audit.
  • A test plan is executed to ensure your site is still working after the upgrades.
  • We check your Google Analytics rankings and how your site has been performing.
  • We will manage your comments, including filtering out any spam, bots, etc.
  • Once we have completed all of this, a report is issued outlining all of our findings, and we can make recommendations for optimisation and improvement.
  • Reports are issued on the last day of the month.

Note: We welcome any WordPress website for this service, however, if we weren’t the developers of your site, we will first need to asses your site as additional charges may apply for larger websites.

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