Strategy Consultation




As social media is varied and the opportunities are almost endless, we start our process with a strategy consultation to look at where your business is right now, and where you need to be. This includes reviewing the products and services you offer, your target market and key messages. During our initial consultation, we will identify what you business needs most and create specific objectives to meet those needs. We then take away those objectives and look at how social media can help to achieve them, review your current social media activity and develop an Action Plan which looks at which social media platforms to use and recommended content strategies.

  • A 2-hour consultation session for each business (total 4 hours) including:
  • results
  • goals and objectives
  • target markets and audience profiles
  • key messages

The insight from the consultation will then be used to assess the current marketing activities, website and social media, identify gaps and opportunities and develop a Strategic Action Plan designed to achieve your business goals and objectives. The plan will include an outline for an Organic Engagement Strategy and Campaign Management. Opportunities for synergy with other marketing activities will also be included.

These actions may include;

  • Promotional campaigns
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Website enhancements: functional and/or content
  • Blog strategy
  • Email marketing and list management
  • Video production and post
  • Development and production of digital collateral, for example; ebooks, style guides etc