Case Study

The Brief

The Australian Association for Mission Studies (AAMS) is an association for individuals and institutions who are interested in the study of Christian mission — including scholars, teachers, and reflective practitioners. AAMS is affiliated with the International Association for Mission Studies and is a registered non-profit organisation.

With a pre-existing site, AAMS required:

  • A fresh new updated website,
  • E-commerce functionality for events,
  • A membership portal for journal subscriptions,
  • A dynamic new logo.

The design needed to:

  • Reflect the values of AAMS and its members,
  • Incorporate a membership and subscription database
  • Appeal to a wide variety of people interested in Mission Studies, including scholars, trainers, practitioners, students, missionaries and agencies.
Business Card Design

Here’s what Associate Professor Darrell Jackson, Secretary of AAMS, had to say about the brief:

We had an existing website which looked like it had been designed in the 1950s, let alone the 1990s, and it was well overdue for a redesign. I knew that we needed to make our journal back issues available, eCommerce was totally new to us, and we needed to be better at advertising interstate events and conferences.

And that’s where Brugel Creative comes in.

Our Solution

Our Designers and Technical Team designed a website which had: the story of AAMS; a message from the AAMS’ President; registrations for upcoming events; public access to journals, resources and subscriptions; e-commerce for memberships, subscriptions and event payments; and a database enabling consistent contact with members.

  • Graphic Design

    Our Graphic Designer created a logo inspired by the ethos of AAMS and their distinctively Australian outlook, with earthy colours and avoiding any images or ideas which have become cliché.

  • Technical Development

    Our Tech Team ensured the website was great looking, easy to use, fast, technically robust, SEO friendly, and easily found online. We made sure the unique needs of their events, membership database and eCommerce page were met and expectations exceeded.

  • Membership Portal

    A membership portal was custom-built to allow members the ability to login and manage their own subscriptions, renew memberships and download the latest journals. New members are able to join online. This step involved the migration of pre-existing data onto the new platform to ensure the current members were migrated onto the new system.

  • Event Registrations

    One of the key offerings of AAMS is both state-wide and national events. The new website needed to allow event delegates to register and pay for their attendance online. The tech team built an event-ticketing system to allow for automated event registrations.

Website Design

Here’s what Darrell had to say about the solution:

We had a fairly dated look and we wanted something that would be fresh and contemporary but also reflect the scholarly nature of AAMS. The website needed to be a part of the overall public platform of the Association and needed to have a logo that was uniquely Australian. We also needed to be able to better communicate with our members. Sheree delivered on all of these and we now have consistency of brand across everything.

Our Design

Our Designers consulted with the Australian Association for Mission Studies committee members and went through several iterations of logos until we found one that represented the image of AAMS.

The logo and marketing assets were then developed to match and build a strong and consistent brand presence.

  • Logo Design

    Our Designers developed several visual concepts for a new logo. And after receiving feedback and making changes requested by the AAMS committee, the new logo and visual identity had been created.

  • Business Cards

    With the logo finalised, we then designed a business card. We also arranged premium printing with a gloss and embossed finish to ensure the first impression has the best impact possible.

  • Letterheads

    Brugel also created a new Letterhead for the Australian Association for Mission Studies to use for all their business correspondence. This gave AAMS the ability to send letters electronically or printed, maintaining a strong brand.

  • Website

    Once the branding had all been finalised, Brugel ensured the new AAMS website was designed to visually match and engage the target audience.

Website Design

Here’s what Darrell had to say about the design:

We really appreciated Sheree [Brugel Creative’s Company Director] helping us to understand what would happen when the system updates. She knew that taking our bullet points and creating icons and graphics for them would be much more dynamic and she helped us to write better content about who we are and what we do. Having a countdown to our next event added a sense of currency, topicality and anticipation that we didn’t have before.

The Result

AAMS has a website fit for the 21st Century with a dynamic homepage, a database and eCommerce. They’re now in more and better contact with their members and able to get resources like their journal into the hands of those who need it.

You can visit the Australian Association for Mission Studies website here.

The Response

I’d seen work that Brugel Creative had done previously for colleagues. They have a great reputation and had been personally recommended. I was impressed by that work and the work Brugel did for us. Ours is an organisation of volunteers and Sheree understood that. We weren’t always able to respond quickly, because we have day jobs or we might be away at a conference, and Sheree showed remarkable empathy. I’d be happy to recommend Brugel to others and have already done so.

– Darrell, AAMS

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