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Meet Erin Martine Sessions #IWD

Meet Erin Martine Sessions #IWD

Erin Martine Sessions

Erin holding pie
Erin with a pie, in a pie dress, on pi day 2018

Erin Martine Sessions is the newest member of the Brugel Creative team and writing her own profile piece – this little write-up you’re reading – so the temptation to include extraneous anecdotes to mitigate my awkwardness over celebrating myself for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day is high. Did I ever tell you about the time Sheree and I met? It was a starlit night back in ‘05 and…

I’ve also already slipped into first-person story-telling, so how about we just go with that? Though I’ve only been Communications Manager at Brugel Creative since February, I’ve actually spent years of my life (close to 14 of them) either living, studying or working with Sheree, our Company Director. In fact, this is the second time she’s been my boss!

Many of you will already know that I’m in a, shall we say, interesting stage of life at the moment. I’m partway into a PhD. I’m also part of the way through the pre-accreditation process with the Baptist Association. I’m not really sure how long either of those things will take. But what I do know, is that while I’m working towards both of those things, I need employment that’s flexible, supportive, creative and encourages me to use my gifts. For the past 2 months that’s exactly what I have had. In return, I hope that my creativity, enthusiasm and ability helps Brugel Creative to further thrive.

I work for Brugel 2 days a week. I get to do a bunch of different kinds of writing and comms and – most importantly – entertain, I mean support, Sheree. When I’m not working for Brugel Creative, I’m either working for Common Grace as part of their Domestic and Family Violence Justice team, working for Alphacrucis in their team of Old Testament lecturers, corralling my children at an ice rink, binge-watching Brooklyn 99 with my husband, or wishing I’d written more of my PhD.

Erin and Sheree 2015
Erin and Sheree at work together in 2015

So, how about mitigating some of that aforementioned awkwardness with a story? Two key pieces of information I told Sheree back on that starlit night in ’05 are that: 1. I’m a feminist and 2. I love pie. It might not have been in that order. One of my favourite things to do is support women. But there’s this narrative that persists – that there are only so many jobs out there for women. Only so many pieces of pie. It simply isn’t true. I’ve said it a few times now: bake another pie. Society tells women that we are to compete with each other for whatever men have allocated to us. I don’t accept that. Not able to use your gifts and skills? Create a new opportunity to use them. Bake another pie. Aren’t enough jobs around? Create a new one. Bake another pie. More workplaces should be creating, innovating and ensuring women have these kinds of, well, equal opportunities, but until then: next time someone asks women to make some snacks and slices for an event and doesn’t ask men*, or asks women – and not men – to take a meal to a family who needs it*, or jokes that a woman’s place is in the kitchen*, smile (because women love being told to smile) and tell them you’ll bake another pie.


*Each of these examples are drawn from the lives of me and my friends from just this past week.

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