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Meet Belinda Harris #IWD

Meet Belinda Harris #IWD

Erin, Belinda and Sheree
Erin Sessions, Belinda Harris, Bohan Chambers, Sheree Chambers (Dec 2017)

In the first of our profile pieces on the talented women in the Brugel team, meet Belinda Harris, a self-confessed Potterhead and Brugel Creative’s Administrator. Today is her last day with us before she flies off. #womensupportingwomen #IWD #internationalwomensday #balanceforbetter

Sheree and I (Erin) have had the pleasure of knowing Belinda, affectionately known as Doobie, since she was about 19 years old and boarding at Morling College while studying at Macquarie University. Since then, she has “been a nanny, trainee, admin assistant, aged care worker and at one stage even worked in chicken sheds!” She currently wears a few hats, as so many of us – especially women – do. As well as being Brugel Creative’s administrative backbone (honestly, we don’t know what we’ll do without her while she’s away), Belinda is also “a support worker for adults with disabilities, a counsellor at a women’s rehab, and a counsellor for children and adolescents (depending on the day of the week).” All of these things and more (well, except maybe the chicken sheds) make Belinda the perfect candidate for a youth worker and counsellor position in… Ireland! She’s about to fly over and spend most of March there to see if she wants to accept the role.

Belinda has grown and matured in a lot of ways since we first met her, and she reminded me of a story from her first year of living out of home. There was a dress-up party happening on campus, and Belinda was determined to go, even though she was extremely sleep deprived from work and study. There were plenty of jelly shots about (of the non-alcoholic variety), and the combination of sleep deprivation and sugar high meant that Doobie may-as-well have been drunk. She crashed. Hard. So, while the rest of the partygoers went off to have an actual drink, Belinda got sent to bed. By Sheree. “Looking back, I really don’t know how they could stand me, but here I am working for Sheree, so I must have grown up?!”

Belinda Harris 16
Belinda on that unforgettable sugar-filled night (Sep 2012)

While Belinda might sleep a bit more now, and probably consumes less sugar, some things have stayed the same: she still loves figuring out puzzles, she’s still obsessed with Harry Potter, and we’re all still friends. Belinda is such an efficient, loyal, hard-working and downright amiable person, that Sheree asked Belinda to help her out in a pinch. And then asked her to help again, then asked her if she’d like to work casually, and now she’s Brugel Creative’s administrative anchor.

Having said that, we want to see Belinda fly high. Literally. We want her to be able to use her skills and gifts and training for this amazing, life-changing job in Ireland. When I asked Belinda what she’s passionate about, what is she feels she is meant to do in this life she answered: “I am passionate about helping people reach their full potential (as well as puzzles and Harry Potter)”. Belinda is keen to support women, especially. She’s had many strong, capable women of all ages invest in her life over the years and she wants to be able to do the same for others. “At the moment, I would say a big way I support women is by helping the women at the rehab recover from their abusive backgrounds, discover who they are and help them see the hope for the future through our counselling sessions.”

Women supporting women is one of the many things we want to highlight in our month-long celebration of women, in honour of International Women’s Day. And at just two days out from #IWD, we wanted to leave you with Belinda’s parting words:
“I think it is great that women are getting more acknowledgment in our society for their contributions but there is still a way to go!” Amen to that.

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