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How to get your website Google ready

How to get your website Google ready

How Google ready is your business?

Checklist to find it you’re Google ready: You’ve got a great business. Check. You’ve got some clients and work, but you would like more. Check. You set up a website to help with that goal, because hey, it’s 2018. Check. You appear on page one of Google when people in your area search for “your business” in “your location”. Nope.

A question we get a lot is, “how can we get ranked highly on the first page of Google?” That question is so popular a whole industry that didn’t exist 15 years ago has sprung up. SEO agencies exist to help businesses of all sizes answer it and get on that prized page one.

But we don’t think that information should be hidden away somewhere. We’ve put together a list of some simple, relatively easy things you can do to improve your websites page ranking.

1. Keyword research

First of all, you want to be researching keywords. By that we mean knowing which keywords people will type into Google or their phones when they are searching for the problem you can solve for them. So if you are a landscaper set up to serve the northern suburbs of Newcastle, you want to rank highly when people search for “landscaper northern Newcastle”.

Because Google is a benevolent dictator, it has provided tools such as the Google keyword finder to help you along.

2. Copy is king

Now for the harder part. Having keywords is great, but you can’t just pack them into your website 1000 times and expect Google’s clever search algorithms to reward you. Having keywords inserted into well-written, high-quality copy on your website will help you rise in the rankings.

If you don’t have a great writer in-house, don’t be afraid to outsource this function – it’s well worth it in the long run. A great place to start your search is the Clever Copywriting School by Kate Toon.

3. Call them to action

Each page and passage on your website should have an action tied to it. What we mean by that is that once people have finished reading something, they should be clear on what the next step they can take can be.

For example if you’ve just finished writing an update saying your landscaping business will now be servicing Newcastle’s southern suburbs, then your final line should be something like, “so if you live in the southern part of our city and need a garden overhaul? Or just a set of fresh eyes too see what you can do with your outdoor space, call us on…”.

4. Be up to date

Google has a bunch of rules about how it likes websites to be set up, and we’ve written about them before so we won’t go into it here. Find out more at on our previous blogs about SSL and being mobile ready.

5. Google for Business

Just like having a Yellow Pages listing was essential in times gone past, it’s now pretty much required to have a Google Business page so that the search engine can index you and find you as well as place you on Google Maps. Make sure that you have your social media pages (like Facebook and Instagram) set up and linking back to your website.

6. Google Analytics

A doctor can’t diagnose a patient without symptoms, and similarly, you can’t figure out how to make your website better without knowing where the browsers are coming from and why. Google Analytics helps you see what search terms users are punching into their search engines to find their way to your site, and helps you to optimise for these. A simple rule; Google will look favourably on a website with content updated regularly.

And so much more…

When it comes to this stuff, this is the tip of the iceberg to get your website Google ready. Other things such as; setting up sitemaps, meta-tags, optimising your traffic (alright, alright, we’ll stop with the geek chat now). These are all extra things you can do to get higher rankings and become Google ready.

But we’ll write more about those in a future blog, there’s plenty to start with there.

And if you’d like to know any more about how to get your website Google ready, or how we can get it to the point that you can implement the points above yourself, just give us a call, we’d love to help (see that call to action we did there?).

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