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Email Marketing: How to Increase Effectiveness

Email Marketing: How to Increase Effectiveness

Increasing Email Marketing Effectiveness

If you’ve done any shopping online, in-store, or even just some research on something you might want to buy, chances are you’ve handed over your email address. Email capturing isn’t only from brands trying to sell you things; comparison sites, insurance providers and even government departments are now requiring an email address as the “price of entry”.

The result is we get a lot more email than we can handle and process efficiently, which means we’re ignoring emails a lot more than we used to. Businesses who have customer email addresses are now struggling to get responses to assist them to build sales leads or gain repeat business. We’ve put together some quick tips to help fix that problem and cut through the inbox noise of your customers.


It’s simple, it’s easy to do, and most of all it works. If you can, think back to your own experience. If you’ve received any communication, whether it’s a phone call or letterbox drop lately, what are you more likely to pause for: “Hello Sir / Madam / Resident / Homeowner” or “Hi Ash!” (for this example, you are Ash).

Email works the same way. More and more people are opening email on smartphones now too, and most email clients will preview the first few words of the message. If you have some personalisation up front, you’re already doing better than the majority of people who send out emails.
It’s also effortless to personalise bulk-emails through your e-marketing software provider (such as MailChimp).

Get Graphical

With more emails now opened on mobile phones, the amount of time you have to grab your reader’s attention falls rapidly due to one factor – screen size. If an email opens on a desktop, you get a much larger screen to pack in detail and your content. With phone screens, your window of opportunity is much smaller. Often, when confronted with too much text, people will close, delete or move on rather than commit to reading.

A simple solution is to grab their attention with a graphic or image early on. It doesn’t have to be fancy. If you’re selling insulation, a screenshot of the hottest temperatures from last summer will introduce the problem and your solution in one image. If you’re a hairdresser, showing a picture of a calendar with back to school dates circled will prompt parents to think about getting their kids the haircut they need.

Every single business can find an exciting way to get an image in early to grab attention. Most don’t and as a result, miss this opportunity.

Ask Questions

Asking questions triggers a response in our brains that gives us satisfaction from trying to provide the answer. It’s why Australian television debuts so many different variations of quiz-shows each year and has done so for decades.

You can do the same thing in your emails. If you ask a question in your subject line, that is the most attention-grabbing way to get this tactic delivered. This method of getting attention can also provide you valuable data – if you ask what your customers find most useful about a service provider or business like yours, you can collect some valuable data to help build your business.

Add an Incentive

Another great way to increase open and response rates are to include an incentive for participating. So a subject line along the lines of “Answer 3 Questions – Get 10% Off” ticks all the boxes.

Find Out More

These tips are just scratching the surface. If you want a more in-depth conversation about how to maximise your marketing effectiveness via email, or how to set up your website to better collect information about customers so that you can grow your business, we’d be happy to help! Contact Brugel Creative today.

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