Case Study by Brugel Creative

The Unicorn Initiative

The Brief

The Unicorn Initiative is a start-up business needing branding, a website and all business assets. The business has a focus on health and wellbeing. The business style needs to be quirky and fun, and showcase the various service and product offerings of the business.

Unicorn Initiative logo
Here’s what Peta Ryan had to say about the brief:

I answered the questions in the initial brief but did not expect that the final product would exceed expectations to the extent it did. They seemed to read between the lines and managed to capture the personality of my business on the Website. Perfectly.

Peta Ryan

Our Solution

After our initial meetings with Peta, we came up with the following solutions to help her business grow:

  • Branding and logo development
  • New website
  • Marketing plan and strategy
  • Facebook business page and group creation
The Unicorn Initiative Full website
Here’s what Peta Ryan had to say about our solution:

It is magical. I feel like Brugel Creative really captured the personalist of my business and as for me as the business owner. It was amazing seeing the colours and photos I chose come together on a page. I felt a sense of excitement and pride.

Peta Ryan

Our Design

The Brugel Creative design team gathered all the information they could, including the customer’s favourite colours, and images, and other brands.

We designed several logo options and settled on one that was clean and simple, using negative space to showcase the silhouette of a unicorn inside the letter U.

The Unicorn Initiative Website Preview
Here’s what Peta Ryan had to say about our design:

Brugel creative took the language style I used in the brief and integrated it through the entire website. Very on brands for me.

Peta Ryan

The Results

The result was an elegant and easily recognisable brand.

A simple website to help get the business up and running, with scope to increase and adjust the website as the business continues to grow.

Here’s what Peta Ryan had to say about the results:

I absolutely LOVE IT!! Brugel Creative seemed to read my mind.

Peta Ryan

Do you want a magical new website for your business, too?

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