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Award Winners, Brugel Creative

Award Winners, Brugel Creative

Hunter Regional Business Excellence Awards

Erin and Sheree from Brugel Creative with tropnyLast weekend we had a huge award win! Sheree and Erin were representing Brugel Creative at the Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards dinner. We had made it to the finals and one of us felt like a win might be on the cards and had given her reasons earlier that afternoon. And one of us was genuinely very surprised. Can you guess which one?

We were a little fuzzy on the details of the night (you know, tiny insignificant things like when it started or how long it would take to get there), but we were excited to take the chance to spend some time together being proud of our achievements over the last year. We also weren’t sure how competitive it would be, mostly because it’s tough to know things like how many businesses were nominated, how many of those made it through to the finals, and who is up for what award.

As it turns out, well over 100 businesses were nominated and then that was narrowed down to around 60 finalists across 14 categories. So, more competitive than we had anticipated! Brugel Creative was nominated in the Internet-Based Business category and up against some real contenders. And, drumroll please (even though you’ve all seen the photos), we won!

Did you guess which one of us called it?

Hunter Regional Award Winner BadgeIt was Erin. She was – as is classically Erin – unduly and naively confident. She didn’t know anything about the awards, or the judging criteria, or the points system or, as it happens, much of anything really… but she had, that very afternoon told Sheree she thought Brugel Creative would win. Sheree was – as is classically Sheree – happy to be a finalist and happy if it didn’t go any further. So, naturally, she was dubious about Erin’s matter-of-fact-ness about our chances.

Here’s why Erin thought we’d win: there was the obvious stuff like our team is good at our jobs and we like what we do, we’ve experienced a significant amount of growth in the last financial year, and we’ve worked really hard…

Sheree rejected Erin’s false dichotomy and went on being happy to be nominated, a finalist, and to get to have a nice night out. Typical Sheree. So imagine Sheree’s surprise when we won. The look of absolute shock on her face was priceless. Good thing our friend Amy Beckett from The Business Blender caught it all on camera.

Thank you!

Thanks everyone for supporting Brugel Creative, for believing in us, and trusting us with your business. Onwards and upwards!

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