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Our Process

Our Four Step Design Process

  • Discovery

    Discovery is the first phase of building a website with us at Brugel Creative. In this stage, we’ll review your business goals and objectives, as well as the type of website you want to build.
    The Discovery phase is your opportunity for us to get to know you and what you do. It’s an opportunity to gain an understanding of your business, goals for your website, what needs do we fulfill for you, and how we can be a valuable asset to accomplishing those goals.
    We’ll work with you to define your goals and define your website needs.

  • Design

    The Design phase helps you get the website content, images and copy together. We create your website from scratch, using your input and ours. We can then either curate the content for you or help curate it with you. By the end of this phase, you’ll know exactly what your final website will look like. This is the perfect opportunity to visualise how your website will look, as well as making sure you are happy with the menu structure before we build it for real.

  • Development

    We’re on it. Our next step is to ensure the technical development of your new website is completed. Brugel will work together with you to develop your ideas into something tangible - and beautiful. We’ll setup analytics and email accounts too. We create responsive websites ensuring your page will look great regardless of whether it’s being viewed from a PC, phone or tablet.
    We will run a final usability test to ensure everything's working as it should before we're ready to launch.

  • Delivery

    Finally, after all the hard work, you’re launch! When your website is ready, Brugel will deploy your brand new site on the best hosting service available.
    We make sure you’re not alone on your website journey, even after the launch date. We want you to be successful, that’s why we offer ongoing support and help with getting the most out of your website. Expert advice is always on hand as well as ongoing training and education to make sure you are using all the tools available to you.

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