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5 Bite-Sized Reasons to Blog

5 Bite-Sized Reasons to Blog

I was late to the blogging bandwagon. I was juggling the flaming chainsaws of children, more than one job, study and just generally trying to keep myself alive.

I had also been studying to be a poet (not that “poet” is a valid career option so much as a lifetime of pathos and poverty).

And the poetic vanguard had led me to believe that the noble art of poetry was incongruous with blogging. Let me tell you, that is simply not the case. Blogging doesn’t have to be anything you don’t want it to be. It doesn’t have to be uncultured or crass or the poor cousin or a somehow less worthy genre of writing. Blogging is an easy, accessible way of sharing who you are with the world. So, here are 5 little bite-sized (because the me that is sharing this with the world has other blogs to write!) reasons why you should consider blogging.

1. It’s Easy

It’s as time-consuming or as well-written as you want it to be. Time-poor? Write a succinct, snappy blog that leaves ‘em wanting more. Not the best writer? Some of the most successful blogs are from self-confessed “terrible writers”. They make sure they have something else to offer: knowledge, opinion, authenticity, reviews, or something they know their audience wants.

And if you’ve got a WordPress website the tech side of things is easy, too. You can customize your blog with plug-ins and themes and – like with most things – the more you practise the better you get.

2. Express your Expertise

A goodly number (I really wanted to say “goodly”) of our clients are either educators or counsellors. This means they have the knowledge to share, and so do you. You might like to educate others for the love of teaching. Or you might want to attract more traffic to your website through sharing your wisdom, knowledge and training. Or you might even move to monetizing your website: if people are learning from the knowledge you are sharing for free, perhaps they might like to purchase your services.

But what if I’m not an educator and I don’t know what to blog about? Not a problem. Here are some ideas: One of our clients is in turf. Yep, grass. They could blog about how to prepare the soil. Or all the different types of turf. Or they could interview some of their favourite customers. Still not sure? Don’t worry, we can help you with content creation. Ask us how.

3. Make a Difference

More often than not, when I blog, it’s on something I’m passionate about. And this is true of our clients, too. Take Mike Frost or Marg Mowczko for example, they blog because they want to make a difference. Mike likes to stir up trouble by questioning things people usually take for granted. He makes a difference by getting everyday people to question the status quo. Marg writes empathically and persuasively on the mutuality and equality of women and men to make a difference for women all over the globe.

What are you passionate about? Does your business support a political, environmental or social cause? Still not sure how you can make a difference? Well, let’s talk turf again. This client is a family-run business whose care for the environment is evident. Did you know that turf can reduce pollution and soil erosion? Whatever it is you’re passionate about, a blog builds awareness, support and makes a difference.

4. Warm-Up and Work-Out your Writing

Blogging is one of the many ways you can get writing. Think of writing like a warm-up (with apologies to our clients in health and fitness): writing is one of the best things you can do for your brain. You probably already know that writing can help you process and to heal (nod to our therapist clients), but writing can also induce mindfulness, writing is diverting (even if it’s just you who’s amused), and writing exercises your imagination, which can elevate your mood. All good things to do before you carry out your day to day business.

Or you can think of writing as a work-out. Just like you build strength and muscle when you work out, the more you write; the better at it you’ll get. Get better at writing so you can share your knowledge or make a difference to more people. Get better at writing for your own satisfaction and enjoyment. Or get better at writing so you can expand your business.

5. Marketing

Many people have a blog as part of their marketing strategy. It can feel awkward at first to blog knowing you’re trying to sell something. But don’t let that stop you. If you know that your product or services meet a genuine need, then market away (with authenticity and integrity, of course). And it doesn’t have to be a hard sell either. Blogging helps you build your professional network. Blogging can bring you and your business more visibility, exposure and more opportunities. Your blogs can offer value, wisdom and entertainment. And you know what else? Google loves a blog. So you get all these benefits, all the while improving your website traffic, generating leads, and upping your online rankings. Why wouldn’t you blog?!

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